By Advocate Daniel Aspiro, Head of Private Clientele |

Under the current Israeli Covid – 19 regulation, the following foreign nationals (non-Israeli) will need to apply and obtain pre-entry approval to travel to Israel before departure.

  • Tourists: Not allowed into Israel as a general rule, unless they comply with the exceptions specified by the Ministry of Interior. Among the reasons given for obtaining an entry, permit are involvement in essential diplomacy or security needs for Israel; professional athletes to participate in competitions; new immigrants who cannot put off their arrival; spouses or parents of Israelis; and humanitarian needs.
  • Entry for Urgent Business Meetings: Requires special permission from the Ministry of Interior to enter Israel.
  • Entry for Work (Foreign Experts): The Work Permit Unit will start re-issuing work permits. Upon obtaining the permit, the Foreign Experts will be required to obtain a special entry permit from the Ministry of Interior, which will be provided on a limited basis.

Requiered Docuiuments and Information 

While the instructions, forms, and requirements changes daily, we have listed the most commonly required data and documents that should be included in the application:

A.     Forms

2.      Application for an entry visa to Israel

3.     Isolation form

4.      Appendix A form- Inviter obligations form in Hebrew.

B.     Additional documentation

1.      Identity card (Teudat Zehut) of an Israeli citizen + a copy; (if relevant).

2.     Passport valid of the foreign spouse for one year (if relevant). Please make sure to have 2 blank pages in the Passport.

3.     A valid visa (if needed – depending on the individual’s nationality)

4.      4 Passport pictures for each applicant.

5.     Flight tickets to Israel/ Round-trip airline tickets with flight dates.

6.     Confirmation of vaccine for COVID – 19 (for those already vaccinated).

7.     Health insurance including COVID coverage in Israel

8.     A detailed letter of explanation regarding the reason for the application for entry clearance together with documents proving the connection, as well as supporting and relevant documents for the application.

9.      Rental contract or documents of purchasing an apartment (The name/s must appear on the contract) for the isolation period,

10.  When it comes to the medical reason for the travel:  the latest medical documents from a public hospital or clinic of a public body, detailing the current medical condition of the applicant (in the two months before applying to the submission of the application). A public medical practitioner in Israel must attach an up-to-date document regarding the treatment he has received when requesting an extension.

All Documents that are not in the Hebrew or English language are required for translation.

Additional information

  • The Ministry of Interior/Authorities, under their sole discretion, may require additional documentation that is not included in this list.
  • Omission to provide documents may delay the process or even lead to rejection.