By Czech Leading Immigration Attorney, Veronika Plešková, VP Legal  

Another state of emergency was declared with effect until March 28, 2021 (as it has been uninterruptedly re-declared since October 5, 2020 and due to the bad pandemic situation in CZ, it is highly probable it will be again extended beyond that date).

Starting March 1, 2021 (and for now) for the next three weeks we are under a partial lockdown (“March Lockdown”).  Aside of closure of schools or most of the operations, stores & services which have not been shut down yet, the March Lockdown, among other things, significantly restricts a free movement of people (governmental resolution 198/2021).

A very simplified summary (subject to many more modifications or exemptions) can be found below.

  1. A free movement of people:

a. Between particular districts, unless there is an essential travelling reason, i.e. generally only:

  • travels to work & back home (including business activities of course); necessary travel in order to provide your relative with essential care.

In all cases one must be equipped with a written confirmation of the purpose of the travel (employer’s confirmation, confirmed meeting, affidavit, etc.).


Essential shopping of food, drugs and other basic products is generally restricted only to the district where the individual lives (based on permanent or temporary residency, as per individual’s choice, no transfers between them are during the March Lockdown permitted).

Sports activities are limited to the municipality based on permanent or temporary residency, as per individual’s choice.

Any socializing is almost excluded.


b. Between 9pm and 5am any stay outside is forbidden, unless an essential reason for a travel applies (such as travel back from work/to work; saving lives, property, etc.)


2. When being outside your own home, every person must wear a disposable medical mask, in certain places a respirator with a protection at level FFP2 or KN95 and higher is required (e.g. public transportation or stores).  Fabric face masks are not permitted any longer.

Complying with the above duties will be enforced by police, the maximum threatening penalty is CZK 20,000 (approximately EUR 835).

As regards Czech embassies and consulates, their operation keeps on being limited.  Also, the types of permits which one can apply for remain restricted to essential travels (work reasons of highly qualified employees eligible to blue cards or employee cards as a part of a special program announced by the CZ government; certain cases of family reunification, etc.).

Third-country nationals who plan to arrive today or later may arrive in CZ only due to essential business or personal reasons as per the relevant protective measure of CZ government (examples outlined in the previous paragraph).  A negative antigen test, PCR test or self-isolation are mandatory, depending on from which country one is travelling to CZ.


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From Prague, VP Legal is wishing you all the best & stay safe!


By the Czech Leading Immigration Attorney, Veronika Plešková, VP Legal.

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