By KTA Team |

The new digital visa process has caused some Israeli institutes to refuse the B-1 work digital visa, which is provided on paper and separate from the passport. This has created issues with the Ministry of Transportation, as they refuse to convert driving licenses for individuals with this type of visa. Additionally, Israeli banks are also unwilling to open a bank account for those holding the digital visa.

To address these challenges, Kan-Tor & Acco engaged with senior officials at the Ministry of Interior to find a solution. As a result of these discussions, a mode of operation has been established that will issue the visa directly in the passport, using a specially designated visa sticker that will make it acceptable for all relevant purposes.

KTA is delighted to offer its services to those who require assistance in obtaining the new in-passport visa. This solution ensures that individuals with B-1 work visas can continue to access essential services in Israel without encountering any difficulties.

In addition to facilitating the issuance of the new in-passport B-1 work visa, the KTA Group’s Relo360 service can assist with other related tasks. For example, Relo360 can help with opening a bank account and converting a driving license, which becomes a requirement after one year.

By utilizing Relo360, assignees can ensure a smooth transition to their new work location in Israel. With KTA’s expertise and guidance, individuals can navigate the often complicated process of obtaining a B-1 work visa, opening a bank account, and converting a driver’s license with confidence.