By Yoav Noy, Partner |

The Population and Immigration Authority (PIBA) has announced that Turkish nationals will now be required to undergo a security clearance, adjudicated by the security agencies, before obtaining a visa to Israel. Applicants who fail this process will be unable to obtain visas. This requirement is effective immediately.

This new requirement applies to all Turkish nationals traveling to Israel for any purpose, including work, visits, study, and other visa categories.

In addition to this new security clearance requirement, Turkish nationals seeking employment in Israel already face several challenges:

Israeli Consulates in Turkey: The Israeli consulates in Turkey are closed to the public, necessitating a special process for visa applications.

Work Permits for Non-Academic Degree Holders: Additional requirements exist for obtaining work permits for assignees who do not hold an academic degree.

Employers looking to hire Turkish nationals in Israel should anticipate longer processing times and additional requirements. It is advisable to start the process well in advance. Contacting a KTA immigration consultant early is recommended to develop an appropriate strategy.