By Amit Acco, Partner |

We are frequently being asked if foreign students in Israel can work for an Israeli employer or remotely for a foreign employer, and whether their partner is eligible for such work.

According to Israeli law, any work that is being done by a foreign national in Israel including students (under an A-2 visa) and their partners (under an A-4 visa),  require a B-1 work visa.

This is also relevant to a scenario whereby the foreign student is working remotely in Israel for a foreign company, remains on foreign payroll and not engaging with any Israeli companies, or provide services to the local economy. This is also relevant in a scenario whereby the work is done on a freelance basis.

Possible solution – B-1 work visa for Jewish/Israeli Residency or Alyiah

Due to Israeli some privileges under the law, Foreign nationals of Jewish heritage can apply and obtain a B-1 work visa under their eligibility.  If positive, we suggest that the foreign student will apply for a B-1 Jewish visa. If not, of Jewish heritage, the overseas employer will have to sponsor an application for B-1 work visa for a foreign expert, to allow the student or spouse to legally remotely work. in Israel.