By Amit Acco, Partner |

The Ministry of Interior has amended its policy to allow industrial companies to hire unskilled workers from countries that were previously inaccessible to Israel, such as India, Sri Lanka, and others. This change will greatly benefit companies that have received permits to bring in foreign workers, enabling them to employ unskilled workers directly in their companies at a minimum wage of 7,518 NIS.

Historical Constraints on Unskilled Worker Recruitment

In the past, Israel could not bring unskilled workers from many countries due to the condition that these workers could only be recruited from nations with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita exceeding half of Israel’s, which is among the highest in the world. The change was made in light of the urgent need to fill the immediate shortage of manpower in the industry as a result of the current security situation.

However, it is emphasized in the decision that foreign workers must enter Israel for a period not exceeding 60 days from the date of notification, i.e., by March 25, 2024. Among several documents, the factory’s CEO must declare that they have examined and confirmed that the workers are not required to pay any fee or other payment related to their recruitment or arrival in Israel. The workers will come from countries approved by the authority after security considerations and considerations regarding human trafficking.

New Temporary Policy

It is crucial to highlight that the process of locating and placing workers in jobs in Israel is challenging, particularly due to security concerns and the need to complete the process by March 25, 2024 (including the steps of locating, sorting, recruiting, relocating, the process with the Ministry of Interior, the process with the consulate, and arrival in Israel). Additionally, the authority requires verification that the worker has not paid any commission or payment for recruitment. It is emphasized that if it is discovered that the workers have paid agency fees, the permits will be revoked, and the Israeli manager will be held responsible, including criminal accusation of human trafficking in a complex case.

Assistance for Businesses

Relo360, part of the Kan-Tor & Acco Group, is collaborating with Joblio which specializing in ethical global workforce recruitment. Leveraging advanced technological methods, Joblio and Relo360 can assist Israeli industrial companies in promoting fair and transparent employee recruitment and relocation to Israel. Our approach ensures that no fees are charged to the workers for recruitment and placement, aligning with the commitment required by the Ministry of Interior, empowering managers to make official declarations accordingly.