By KTA News Team |

The Biden administration suggested an initiative a new policy that will make it easier for Israelis working in the US to renew their work visas without having to physically visit the consulate in Israel.

This move is aimed at reducing waiting times for visa applications at consulates and making the process more efficient.

Under the current regulations, those who hold a work visa in the US and want to renew it are required to physically go to the consulate in Israel to submit their application. The new policy will allow work visa holders to send their passports directly to the State Department in Washington for renewal.

This change is particularly beneficial for Israelis working in the high-tech sector who use the L1 and H1B work visas. The L1 visa requires at least one year of experience with the parent company, while the H1B work visa is subject to an annual quota.

This year, the H-1B lottery (not to be confused with the DV Green Card Lottery) will open on March 1, 2023, for companies interested in hiring foreign managers and experts within the October 2023 quota. The initiative is expected to save a lot of time and money for work visa holders and allow consulates to hold more interviews for tourist visas. This move is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to streamline visa processes and improve the efficiency of consular services. Overall, this new policy will provide relief for hundreds of Israelis who are currently living and working in the US, making it easier for them to renew their work visas without the added burden of traveling back to Israel.