By Morgan Rosinia, Partner |

At KTA, we recognize the exceptional talents of Israelis like you! Are you ready to take your expertise to new heights in the United States? Discover if you qualify for the prestigious O-1A work visa – the gateway to pursuing your passions in the sciences, education, business, or athletics on a global stage!

Ask Yourself:

  • Are You Extraordinary Enough?
  • Do you believe your achievements are of extraordinary caliber, acknowledged through sustained national or international acclaim?
  • Has your outstanding work been extensively documented and recognized within your field?
  • Are you eager to contribute your talents to a U.S. company?

Put Your Extraordinary Journey to the Test:

  1. Have you clinched national or internationally acclaimed awards for excellence in your field?
  2. Are you a member of an association recognizing outstanding achievements in your domain?
  3. Have prominent trade or media publications highlighted your noteworthy contributions?
  4. Have you assessed and judged the work of other professionals in your field?
  5. Have you made groundbreaking contributions of major significance in science, scholarship, or business?
  6. Have you penned scholarly articles in professional journals related to your expertise?
  7. Have you played a critical role for distinguished organizations in your field?
  8. Do you command a high salary or anticipate having one?

Discover Your O-1A Extraordinary Potential!

If you answered “yes” to at least three of the questions above, you could be eligible for the O-1A Extraordinary Ability visa! Let KTA’s dedicated U.S. Department guide you through the process.

📧 Contact today for a personalized consultation. Unleash your extraordinary potential and embark on an exciting professional journey in the United States!