By Amit Acco, Partner |

Currently, any transportation carrier who brings passengers to Israel on an aircraft, a ship, or a road vehicle is required to report on the passengers only on entering the country. This is according to Globes.

According to a new bill approved on February 21, 2022, all airlines will be obliged to submit to the Population and Immigration Authority details of passengers before they board a flight to Israel, so that the state will be able to prevent people reaching Israel if it finds this necessary.

“Obtaining details of passengers only after the transportation vehicle reaches Israel does not allow for advance examination for the purposes of deciding whether to allow entry, and leaves a short time from when the information is received to when the passengers are at Border Control,” the bill states.

“The need to make the process of border checks more efficient in order to improve service and reduce waiting times entails bringing forward the transfer of passenger details, in a way that will give a response to the challenges and interests of the State of Israel.”


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