By Nashwa Azzam, Partner |

The N-600K application is a straightforward way for foreign-born kids to snag U.S. citizenship and the coveted certificate that comes with it. If a child is under the age of 18, living outside the U.S., and has a U.S. citizen parent, they’re in the game!

To qualify, the U.S. citizen parent needs to have spent at least five years in the U.S., with two of those years after turning 14. They should also have legal custody of the child, and the child should be living with them according to the Immigration and Nationality Act rules.

Not just for biological kids, adopted children can hop on this train too. As long as the adoption happened before the child turned 16, and the child has been in the U.S. citizen parent’s legal custody for at least two years, they’re eligible.

And here’s a bonus: If the U.S. citizen parent doesn’t meet the physical presence criteria, don’t sweat it. The child can still apply if their U.S. citizen grandparent meets the five-year physical presence requirement, with two of those years clocked after turning 14. This means children can receive citizenship through a grandparent, keeping it all in the family. Happy citizenship journey!

Please contact KTA if you believe you may qualify, and our professional team of experts would be happy to assist!