By KTA Team |

Tsvika and Daniel were appointed as the (Joint) Head of Foreign Employees (Legislation) Committee at the Israeli Bar.

Thrilled to share the fantastic news that these brilliant legal minds have been appointed as the (Joint) Head of Foreign Employees (Legislation) Committee at the Israeli Bar!

Their dedication, leadership, and expertise have truly set them apart.

Tsvi, your visionary leadership at KTA has undoubtedly paved the way for this incredible achievement.

Daniel, your legal prowess and commitment to excellence have made a lasting impact on developing the private clientele department at KTA

Together, they’re poised to bring positive change to the legal landscape, ensuring KTA’s preeminence in the realm of Israeli Immigration Law leadership.

Cheers to your continued success and the exciting journey ahead!

About the Committee:

In the dynamic landscape of the Israeli legal profession, ensuring compliance with foreign employee legislation is a critical aspect of fostering a diverse and regulated workforce. At the heart of this regulatory framework is the Foreign Employee (Legislation) within the Israeli Bar.

The Foreign Employee (Legislation) is entrusted with overseeing new laws and regulation proposals as well as the enforcement of the regulations surrounding the employment of foreign individuals in the various Israeli sectors. This committee involves continuous working with the Ministry of Interior, Law Enforcements agencies, participating in Knesset foreign employee committee, coordination with authorities for implementation of initiatives to promote correct regulations and laws as well as educating  the legal professionals.