By Amit Acco, Partner |

As a global business, it is essential to have an evacuation plan in place for your employees working in Israel. This is especially true given the geopolitical climate of the region, which is subject to political sensitivity, unrest, and geopolitical tension. In the event of a crisis, such as a war, natural disaster, or terrorist attack, having an evacuation plan in place can mean the difference between life and death for your staff.

There are several threats that could make it necessary for a company to evacuate their employees from Israel. These include the possibility of terrorist attacks, the outbreak of war or conflict, natural disasters such as earthquakes, and political instability. In such situations, border crossings may be closed, making it difficult for employees to leave the country quickly and safely. Additionally, airports and other transportation hubs may be closed or heavily congested, further complicating the evacuation process.

To ensure a successful evacuation, it is important to make the right arrangements ahead of time. This includes determining the best route to the border, obtaining visas if necessary (depending on the nationality of the employees), arranging for cash and other necessary supplies, and booking hotel accommodations in Jordan (expecting high demand in hotels). It is also important to consider arranging for security escorts to ensure the safety of your staff.

There are several border crossings between Israel and Jordan that are available for foreign nationals, including the Allenby Bridge crossing point, the Jordan River crossing point (Sheikh Hussein), the Rabin (Arava) crossing point, and Ben Gurion Airport (for flights). Each of these border crossings has its own operating hours and border control services, so it is important to determine which crossing point is the best option based on your company’s specific needs and situation.

In the event of a war or other security hazard, such as a missile attack or rocket fire, it may be necessary to evacuate employees to a secure location within Israel before moving them across the border. This requires careful planning and coordination with local authorities and security experts.

Ultimately, having a sound evacuation plan in place is essential for any company operating in Israel. By considering the threats, making the right arrangements, and preparing for various scenarios, companies can ensure the safety of their employees in times of crisis.

At Kan-Tor & Acco and Relo360, we understand the challenges and risks involved in evacuating employees from Israel during times of crisis, whether it’s due to political sensitivity, unrest, or geopolitical tension. With years of knowledge and experience in logistics, immigration, and defense advisory, we can provide you with the expert support you need to ensure a safe and successful evacuation for your staff.

Our team of professionals will work with you to create a customized evacuation plan that takes into account your specific needs and circumstances. We can help you determine the best route to the border, arrange visas for your employees if necessary, and ensure you have the necessary cash and supplies to make the journey safely.

We can also assist with booking hotel accommodations in Jordan and provide security escorts to ensure your employees are safe throughout the evacuation process. Our expertise in logistics and immigration means we can handle all the necessary paperwork and procedures, so you can focus on the well-being of your staff.

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