By KTA News Team |

A significant disturbance is ongoing today (Wednesday) in Israel’s international airport, as a result of disruptions caused by the workers’ committee of the Airports Authority. This has resulted in serious impacts on the airport’s operations. According to reports, passengers have reported being taken off planes before takeoff, and their luggage is also not being loaded onto the aircraft.

Terminal 1 check-in has been completely suspended, while Terminal 3 has only partially suspended check-in. The duration of these disruptions is currently unclear. The reason behind the work stoppage is the lack of agreements, according to the workers’ committee of the Airports Authority.

It is predicted that the disruptions will not end today and may continue in the near future.

Kan-Tor & Acco recommends that passengers who plan to fly in the coming days will keep updated and informed about the situation at Ben Gurion Airport.